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While the skill level and specific goals change based on the ability of the athlete, a strong passion and desire to train will remain consistent. Our athletes know when they come to IMPACT, they must be focused and committed to getting better and training harder than they have in the past. All of our clients take pride in the professionalism of our approach and work ethic. IMPACT presents a rare opportunity for clients to be trained by the same clinicians who train individuals at the highest levels. At IMPACT, our unmatched facility, top coaching staff, state of the art equipment, and movement-specific programming put together a total package for athletic achievement and individual success.

Sports Medicine

Partnering with top local physicians, the Impact Sports Performance staff of Certified Athletic Trainers are able to identify any component of an athlete’s physical condition in question.  Impact Sports Performance utilizes it’s private treatment rooms to provide cutting edge soft tissue modalities, such as Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), that specialize in the rehabilitation of athletic injuries. While the staff at Impact is an area leader for training and rehabbing professional athletes, the same clinicians help high school, collegiate, and amateur athletes as well as everyday people looking to bounce back from injury with the most effective treatment methods out there.  Specific evaluations and batteries of tests are used based upon a client’s age, sport/hobby, position, performance goals, and current physical condition.  The impeccable equipment coupled with utilization of the facility for therapeutic exercise bridges the gap between rehab and continued athletic activity which ensures a safe and optimal return to play.

Sports Performance Training

Awareness about the extremely significant role that movement-specific performance training and nutrition have on overall athletic performance and injury prevention is a key factor for the explosion of performance training.  Athletes that train in our program significantly improve speed, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, running mechanics, agility, strength, power, and coordination while having access to a nutritional program that enhances the process.

Individuals will master the most fundamentally-oriented movements and build off of those to achieve more accelerated movement sets.  By incorporating stabilization and body awareness exercises into our training programs, we are able to not only teach necessary movement skills, but teach individuals how to maximize the efficiency of those skills with body control. Soon, maximum velocity, explosiveness, and unparalleled endurance become the strongest facets of an athlete’s game.  They develop a stronger first step, they maximize late game performances by building endurance, and they use their improved coordination to destroy defenders at will!


Adult Fitness

IMPACT provides this “experience” for those individuals looking to stay in shape,  and feel better each day. Participants in this program become more toned, develop a stronger core, increase flexibility, and have a higher level of energy.

IMPACT coaches will implement a specialized combination of exercises that promote multi-joint resistance training, functional core training, and other important movement-specific exercises for maximum results and program variety.  Proper form and technique is emphasized with all exercises to prevent injuries while correct tempo and rest intervals are integrated to maximize caloric expenditure for weight management and muscle toning.